Advocacy Day Program​​


Saturday, 16 July 2016
VU University Amsterdam

Recognizing the need for greater integration of programing for clinicians and those with lived experience of bipolar or unipolar disorder in its meetings, we have put together a day of advocacy program activities planned for Saturday, July 16th at the VU University in Amsterdam in conjunction with the 18th Annual Conference of the ISBD and 8th ISAD Biennial Conference from July 13-16, 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Eligibility: This program is offered for patients, relatives and other non-professional attendees from any country.  Non-professional status means that you are attending the meeting as a person with lived experience of unipolar or bipolar disorder or you are attending in support of someone with lived experience. Those applying for CME credit must register for the full conference. 

Cost: Registration will be €20 only. Arrangement for payment of the registration fee by credit card or bank transfer will be available for advanced registration); the additional option of cash payment will be available to those registering onsite. Space is limited and we strongly encourage people to register in advance to secure a space in the program. Payment for advance registrations must be made within 2 weeks of registration to avoid forfeiture of the space.  Please note, you will not be considered registered for the meeting until you receive confirmation from the congress organizer. 

What is Included?:  Only those symposia included as part of the advocacy program on July 16th are included in your registration; access to other conference symposia is restricted to full conference registrants. If you would like to attend symposia other than those noted in the "Advocacy Day Program" description b​elow, you will need to register for the full conference

How To Apply:  Register online (button below) ​and provide your name, advocacy organization affiliation (if applicable), profession, physical address, email address, payment details and phone number in order to complete your registration.The deadline for applications has been extended until​l July 5th , 2016. ​

Notification:  Official notification of eligibility for this special rate will be emailed to all applicants along with registration information no later than July 11th 2016. After these dates, onsite registration will be possible too (no PIN).​

Advocacy Day Program*
We have an outstanding program planned for you at the ISBD and ISAD joint Amsterdam meeting. The following symposia are included with your registration:

9:30AM             Just Do It: Behavioral Activation in Depressive and Bipolar Disorders
11:30AM           Sad facts about Depression: …(Keynote Presentation)
12:10PM           What can we learn from bipolar offspring studies (Keynote Presentation)
1:30PM             Patient Participation in Research
1:30PM             Patient self-management and functional recovery in unipolar and bipolar disorders
4:00PM             Meeting adjourns

*This program is supported by a generous grant from the Dutch Fonds Psychische Gezondheid