About ISAD


 The International Society for Affective Disorders (ISAD) exists to promote research into the affective disorders through all relevant scientific disciplines, including genetics, neuroscience and the social and behavioural sciences. Inter-disciplinary research approaches are particularly highly valued by the society.

Affective or mood disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety are a common, complex and costly group of disorders. The management of mood disorders remains a foremost clinical challenge of clinical psychiatrists and spans all age groups and most clinical domains. 

 It is important that mood disorders be accurately diagnosed and treated. Affective disorders can take an enormous toll on people's ability to work, their relationships and family life. However, the proper treatment can not only help improve symptoms of these disorders, it can return people to a better quality of life.

 ISAD is a society of people (from any discipline or country) who are active in the field of affective disorders research, in a caring or a professional capacity or advocacy. It is a non-profit making organisation. ISAD strives to promote the application of the highest quality of science to the understanding and treatment of mood disorders. ISAD is inclusive of all disciplines but exclusive of non-scientific dogma. ISAD rejects the irrational manipulation of scientific data for commercial, public relations or political purposes.

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